Agropoli Via Siri

The team was unsure of what to do today, so we got a map and decided on a beach day at Luna Beach, south of Agropoli and north of Paestum. Well… Siri had a mind of her own and decided to take us to Agropoli instead via her own route. We drove and drove through the countryside of Salerno and wow, was it beautiful! The ash and minerals from Vesuvius has turned the land of Campania into one of the most fertile areas in the world! As far as the eye can see, all green. Tomatoes are definitely the most abundant crop but watermelon farms are also popular. I really love this part of Italy because the landscape is decorated with colorful Oleander and eucalyptus looking trees. 

We arrived just north on Agropoli and found an incredible parking spot; just meters from the beach. After a slight mix up with our beach chair reservations, we finally found our section and made camp next to a drink stand run by a 17 year old local named Pasquale. We befriended him and talked for a good while about his work and American/Italian differences. I put my Maui Babe Tanning Lotion to work and let’s just say by the end of the day, I was a little beyond golden… more like toasted the darkest shade of scarlet. The water was very clear and the perfect temperature but the only downside was how shallow it was. One could basically walk to the buoy. 

After our beach day, we drove around Agropoli in search of a pizza restaurant to hold us over until dinner (nothing opens in Italy until 20:00). We found a little shop on the side of the road on our way back to Salerno and got eggplant parmigiana and Caprese sandwiches. 
Once we got back to Salerno, we showered and went to a popular local spot called Due Fratelli, which was overrated in my opinion. We each ordered our own pizzas, and the waiter cut them all up and gave us each a dish containing a slice of each person’s pizza, which is something I have never seen done. It was good for the price but definitely not the best pizza that I have had. (Below are som of the massive watermelons/angurie here)

Speaking of the best, I got some hazelnut gelato which in my opinion, was the best I have had on this trip! 


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