Train Picnic

We packed our bags and lugged them to Bologna Centrale to catch out almost 5 hour train ride to the second leg of the trip – Salerno. The Italian scenery entertained me for the duration of the trip, until Terry got out the lunchmeat, cheese, and bread for our train picnic. All of the Trenitalia workers were laughing at us; shocked that Americans knew the proper ride to travel in this country. 

We arrive in humid Salerno at around 3 pm and found our rental car shop to be closed (as expected). We walked about a mile to our air bnb in the heat and established ourselves in a dungeon, I’m not kidding when I say that. This place we are staying in has a modern interior, but you step out of the door and you might thing that you stepped back into the 1800s and are staying in a serf residency, even though this place is only one block west of the center of Salerno. There is no wifi since we are basically sealed inside of a cement dome. I mean, at least we have shelter! 

That night, the man from Sicily By Car recommended that we try a place run by his friend called Pizza Club. We couldn’t figure out how to open the door and the people inside thought we were complete idiots. I thought the pizza was good even though the crust was gluten free. You could either order the classic (the size of a typical American pizza) or the 1/2 meter. Insane, right? After we polished off our arancini di melanzane, pizza diavola, and pizza con salsiccia e funghi, we ordered a Napoletano special – baba. The waiter came out with these HUGE slices of the rum cake topped with fresh wild strawberries. It was phenomenal. 

We finished the night with a little passeggiata along the deep turquoise water. The sidewalk is aligned with white and fuchsia oleander and Vesuvius looms in the background behind the evening clouds. I guess 10 pm is when all of the teens of Salerno take their passeggiata as well because we really got to see a lot of Salerno’s youth. 

So far so good, Salerno! I am excited for the next few days and to share them here, so stay tuned!


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