Arrivederci Bologna

Considering that this day was used mostly for packing and cleaning the apartment, I woke up at 10:30, which is strange for me. I ate some cherries for breakfast and drank some chamomile tea while I got ready. We went for lunch at the place we went to a few days back. Lunchmeated out, I ordered a mixed salad instead with a piece of fontina-wrapped prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, and walnuts. Oh! They served the salad with tortillas that actually tasted like Mexican tortillas and I was in my happy place! 

After lunch, I split from the group and went shopping. My favorite store is Zara… and Bologna has two of them! I almost forgot to mention that the entire store was 30-50% off, so I had some fun. I walked back to the apartment in the scorching heat and took a well-needed nap, since the heat wears me down very easily. 

That evening, at around 8 pm, we went to dinner at Banco 32 once again. I think that this restaurant might be my favorite in our duration here. Every night, they change their menu according to the products they receive. We ordered our fried fish cones again, octopus salad, polpette di dentice (not sure how to say that in English), mussels, and a few other tapas. We took our passeggiata back to Piazza Maggiore, walked beneath the medieval buildings one last time, and stopped back at Galliera 49 on our way back to our apartments. This time, I had pistacchio and cuba, which is dark chocolate with cherries… so good! 

I really liked Bologna. It definitely has its own character and is filled with life… I mean, it is a college town after all. I thought that Piazza Maggiore was something spectacular as well. I can’t even begin to describe how insane the architecture is in Bologna, it is just crazy to think that people lived there back in the 1000s just as they do today, except maybe they weren’t watching movies infront of the church every summer night. 

These 9 days have been fantastic so far and arrivederci Bologna ❀


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