Firenze Never Fails to Amaze

I started my morning off with a croissant (yes, again) and a ciocco Bologna… which is basically just a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. Sugar sick, I walked with the gang to the Bologna Centrale station and we took the short thirty minute ride via Frecciarossa to Firenze (Florence). I went to Firenze for the first time back when I was 13 in 2012, so I did not remember much except for the exterior of the Duomo and David. I have to say though that Firenze really impressed me this time. It wasn’t just an ordinary Tuscan valley town, but a place spewing with history and incredible architectural feats. 

My Dad and I walked around and found an old monastery cemetery while Guy and Terry waited in line for the Accademia to see David. Turns outs every first Sunday is free museum day there! We then got in the line to enter the Duomo at 12:30 and waited for an hour to get in, since it is the one thing that we have never seen in Firenze. In the line, we met an Australian family and an Irish couple and we talked for the duration of the wait. They were all super fun to talk to and time passed extremely quickly. Something I found super interesting about the Duomo is that they forced you shoulder and knees to be covered. I mean, I know that churches are strict about shoulders, but with my experience with Catholic churches, the knee rule typically isn’t enforced. The Duomo is definitely more exciting on the outside. The interior is pretty blan to be honest, but the floor is very instricately made with the same marble as the exterior of the church. I think my favorite (and most exciting part) of the church is the painted dome. How anyone painted that confuses me since it is so high, but just the angles of the paintings are something extraordinary. 

After, we walked around the city, and grabbed some hors d’oeuvres at a restaurant near a church built in the 890s. We had a plate of assorted cheeses with walnuts and honey and another plate of prosciutto and burrada cheese. These kept our appetites satisfied until our steak Florentine dinner at I Tuscani 2. The steak was PHENOMENAL. It was so rare and the taste was out of this world. Some yukon gold potatoes and a variety of veggies were served with it and everything was just cooked to perfection. The place was small, so we made friends with everyone there; a man from Staten Island and a couple from Toronto. 

I really enjoyed my time here, now that I am older. It is touristy but definitely not anywhere as bad as Venice was yesterday. The city is so scenic and so historical, I love it. I also forgot to mention that the gelato is some of the best that I have had!

Tomorrow is an early morning, so I better get some sleep. Buona notte a tutti and stay tuned to Sara explores part unknown tomorrow in Cinque Terre! 


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