Starting off July the Venetian Way

I decided to pull a late one last night, so waking up at 7 am to catch the train to Venezia was a bit of a struggle. I walked down Via Cairole to grab a croissant and cappuchino for breakfast (typical) and then we met Guy and Terry and walked to the Bologna Centrale train station. I went inside of a little shop within the train station and the shop keeper spoke to me in Italian, goal met! We hopped on our train and in two hours, we were in the masquerade city. I have to admit, I am thoroughly impressed. 

Common Venetian misconceptions:

1. The town is mostly canals. False. The town is literally harder to navigate through than a corn maze.

2. Piazza San Marco is close to the train station. It took us an hour and a half to get there. 

3. Venice is a calm and serene city. Well… maybe in the middle of Winter when there are no tourists. 

I really enjoyed the architecture of the city, but the amount of people that were there today was sheer insanity. Imagine Disneyland on a Summer day. Okay, now times that by about 10 and now you have Venice. After searching for the main Piazza and Grand Canal, we worked ourselves up an appetite and stopped for a bite to eat. Along the way, I popped into churches here and there and bought some gorgeous Murano blown glass. The weather was nice though and like I said before, the architecture is astounding. I really need to look more into Venetian history!  Before we left, I stopped into the church across from the train station and explored a bit until I came upon this set of stairs going downwards with sign pointing, “Cripto.” I skeptically made my way down the stairs and discovered this eerie and chilly cavern with a crypt right smack dab in the center. Honestly I chickened out and grabbed the gang to come along with me because it was so spooky. Turns out, it was actually the body of the apostle Simon I believe… I will keep researching and update the blog if I learn anything else about it. 

We found a train that left Venice right when we finished looking through the black-widow-filled tomb and went back to Bologna (a train ride filled with camping stories) to have an incredible dinner at a restaurant called Banco 32, a place the locals go to. I definitely think that besides the salumi plate I had yesterday, tonight’s dinner of seafood tapas really rocked. We ordered shrimp, anchovies, calamari, polpo, salmon caponata, bacala salad, polpo salad, mussels and clams. I was in my glory. Afterwards, we took our nightly passagiatta and I got a little gelato with Terry. Another day for the books!

Oh, and as for my giant liter and a half of peach tea, the refrigerator actually froze it and there is still some left… just thought I would let you all know since I promised an update XD


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